Preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge in Copenhagen

Look­ing for the best preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge in Copenhagen?

Try our love­ly mas­sa­ge for preg­nant women in the heart of Øster­bro in Cph!

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Pregnancy massage in Copenhagen

We offer high qua­li­ty preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge with eit­her a phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py stu­dent or an educa­ted phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist in Copen­ha­gen. We always make sure you get the best treatment:

  • Educa­ted therapists

  • Beau­ti­ful and cen­tral location

  • Gre­at pri­cing and flexibility

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What is pregnancy massage?

During preg­nan­cy women can expe­ri­en­ce pain in their body (often in the low back) due to the increa­sed weight. Preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge (also cal­led pre­na­tal mas­sa­ge) is mas­sa­ge desig­ned for preg­nant women.

Mas­sa­ge during preg­nan­cy can help women fee­ling bet­ter, which is essen­ti­al for a good start on mot­her­hood for the mot­her to be. We offer qua­li­ty pre­na­tal mas­sa­ge in Cph.

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The right equip­ment for the right occasion

When get­ting a preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen with us, we always make sure to get you in a com­fortab­le posi­tion. This is why we offer a com­fortab­le mas­sa­ge pil­low with a hole for the sto­mach to lay in, so that you can enjoy the mas­sa­ge in the right position.

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Benefits from pregnancy massage

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Our Clinic

beautiful clinic at Østerbro in Copenhagen for both massage and physiotherapy

Our cli­nic at Østerbro

Our love­ly cli­nic at Øster­bro ope­ned on the 1st of March 2021 and has a small trai­ning room with gear. Here we offer both mas­sa­ge and phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py in Copenhagen.

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Which areas do we treat?

A preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge can invol­ve tre­at­ment of dif­fe­rent areas of your body. The focus of the mas­sa­ge, should be main­ly on the areas from whe­re you feel pain. This means we tre­at a vari­e­ty of areas such as:

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Prices for pregnancy massage

Here is our pri­cing for preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge at our cli­nic in Copen­ha­gen. You can also get a disco­unt when buying a mas­sa­ge pack­a­ge:

Massage (30 min)

  • 30 min (massage)

Massage (60 min)

  • 60 min (massage)

Massage (90 min)

  • 90 min (massage)

Massage packages

Need more than one tre­at­ment? Why not save money with our mas­sa­ge packages!

Package 1

  • 3 x 60 min.
  • Total disco­unt: 150kr

Package 2

  • 5 x 60 min.
  • Total disco­unt: 325kr

Package 3

  • 3 x 30 min.
  • Total disco­unt: 50kr

Package 4

  • 5 x 30 min.
  • Total disco­unt: 150kr

Everything you need to know!

Here you find info on how to do a book­ing, pra­cti­cal info and pay­ment options:


How to book an appointment

See our address in Cph, pho­ne num­ber and how to book an appo­int­ment onli­ne with us.

Practical information

Check out our can­cel­la­tion poli­cy, par­king info and what to bring with you.

Payment options

Flexible payment options

Get the details and see your options regar­ding how to pay in our cli­nic after a treatment.

How to book an appointment

Want to book an appo­int­ment with us? Per­fect! Now, you have seve­ral options on how to book an appo­int­ment with us:

lady by the laptop

Via Onli­ne booking
(only in Danish)


Call us at
+45 60739010


Wri­te to us via

Pracitcal information

Here is all the pra­cti­cal info you need to know befo­re a visit to the clinic:

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Payment options

The three trimesters of pregnancy

The symp­toms and fee­lings are very dif­fe­rent wit­hin the three tri­mesters of preg­nan­cy which mas­sa­ge can help you with:

Massage during the first trimester

Mas­sa­ge during the first trimester

Mas­sa­ge in ear­ly preg­nan­cy can be hel­p­ful due to fx hea­da­ches. Actu­al­ly we have expe­ri­en­ce with hel­ping women with preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge a 4 weeks preg­nant. Luck­ily, most women do not expe­ri­en­ce pain in this trimester.


Massage during the second trimester

Mas­sa­ge during the second trimester

Mas­sa­ge during the second tri­me­ster of preg­nan­cy is qui­te com­mon sin­ce this is the time for growth of the fetus. Also both the sto­mach and che­st starts to grow, so in this tri­me­ster we usu­al­ly offer pel­vis, neck and breast massage.


Massage during the third trimester

Mas­sa­ge during the third trimester

The third tri­me­ster is usu­al­ly the har­dest tri­me­ster to get through, sin­ce your body is pre­pa­ring itself for the bir­th. This often results in pel­vic gird­le pain and low back pain, which can be tre­a­ted with phy­si­cal acti­vi­ty and low back massage.

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Which conditions can we help with?

Being preg­nant can often lead to dif­fe­rent pain con­di­tions in your body. Here are some of the most typi­cal con­di­tions we can help you with:

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Pregnancy massage at home

Want preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge in your own home? Luck you, becau­se we offer our high qua­li­ty pre­na­tal mas­sa­ge in your own home. To be able to get our home tre­at­ment, you need to live wit­hin 6 km of the cli­nic (check here).

Noti­ce: If you choo­se our phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist Tho­mas Søgaard Vain, then we will bring a trans­portab­le couch with him for you to lie on.

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Physiotherapist offering pregnancy massage at your home

Mar­ti­ne Andersen

Massage in the weekend?

Eve­ry Satur­day we offer qua­li­ty preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge with our hig­hly skil­led phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py stu­dent Mar­ti­ne. Mar­ti­ne is known for her thor­oug­h­ness in the tre­at­ments she offer.

Sin­ce we do not have a secre­tary avai­lab­le in the wee­kends, the only way to book is through our onli­ne book­ing.

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Mar­ti­ne Andersen

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Gift card for pregnancy massage

Do you have a fri­end, gir­l­fri­end or a rela­ti­ve that is preg­nant? Now you can get them the per­fect gift with a gift card for a preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen with us!

After pur­cha­sing a gift card you will recei­ve a code in your mail which should be used whe­ne­ver the tre­at­ment is boo­k­ed. The gift card has an expira­tion date two years after the day it was brought.

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Take the first steps towards less pain by writing to us with your problem. When you have filled and sent the contact formular, you can expect to hear from us within 24 hours.