Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist in Copenhagen

Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist in Copenhagen

Do you need a good phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist in Copenhagen?

Get rid of your pain today with us!

Get a Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist in Copenhagen

If you need a phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist in Copen­ha­gen, you have come to the right pla­ce! Our cli­ni­cs at Øster­bro and Køge offers high qua­li­ty phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py by our physiotherapists:

  • +4 years of education

  • Beau­ti­ful and cen­tral location

  • Gre­at pri­cing and flexibility

Three rea­sons to choo­se our physiotherapy

Our cli­ni­cs

Smertefys på Østerbro i København der tilbyder fysioterapi og massage

Our cli­nic in Copenhagen

Our love­ly cli­nic at Øster­bro ope­ned on the 1st of March 2021 and has a small trai­ning room with gear. Here we offer both mas­sa­ge and phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py and we do accept refer­rals (except Thomas).

behandlerrum for Smertefys i Køge

Our cli­nic in Køge

Our cli­nic in Køge ope­ned on the 1st of July 2023. Here we have a room avai­lab­le to do the tre­at­ments, trai­ning and gui­dan­ce in Køge. We do not use refer­rals at the cli­nic in Køge.

Here is what our cli­ents say

I had a fan­ta­stic expe­ri­en­ce with Tho­mas as my the­ra­pist! After one tre­at­ment I saw a mas­si­ve improve­ment with the pain in my shoulder.

Mik­kel G.

Cozy and welco­m­ing atmosp­he­re in the cli­nic! I got a good tre­at­ment from Tho­mas to help me get my neck and low back pain away.

Bir­t­he N.

A real­ly effecti­ve tre­at­ment! It is very easy and uncom­pli­ca­ted to book an appo­int­ment and to visit the cli­nic. I hig­hly recommend!

Tine K.

Our pri­cing (wit­hout a referral)

Here is our pri­cing for high qua­li­ty phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py in Copen­ha­gen wit­hout a refer­ral. If you know you are going to need more than one ses­sion, then why not save a lot of money with our pack­a­ges!

physiotherapy session without a referral
pricing for physiotherapy at Smertefys without a referral
physiotherapy session without a referral
pricing for physiotherapy at Smertefys without a referral

Our pri­cing (with a referral)

This is our pri­cing for phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py if you have a refer­ral from the doctor. We only accept refer­rals at our cli­nic in Copen­ha­gen and not in Køge.

pricing for physiotherapy at Smertefys with a referral
pricing for physiotherapy at Smertefys with a referral
our pricing for physiotherapy at Smertefys with a referral
pricing for physiotherapy at Smertefys with a referral

Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py packages

If you alre­a­dy know that you need more than one ses­sion of phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py, then you can save a lot of money on our phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py packages!

physiotherapy packages
physiotherapy packages
physiotherapy packages

How to Get Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py With Us


Book Onli­ne or Call Us

You book an appo­int­ment through our Onli­ne Book­ing. You can also call us on pho­ne at +4560739010

email notification

Read our Confirmation

After making a book­ing, you will recei­ve an email with good info such as the address and stuff to remember.

physiotherapist working with a patient

See You on the Clinic!

After you have recei­ved the con­fir­ma­tion, the­re is not anyt­hing else to do but to show up in the cli­nic for the treatment.

We also do preg­nan­cy massage

As a gre­at adjun­ct for phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py we also offer preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen to preg­nant women. This is also per­for­med by educa­ted physiotherapists.

Preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge is a good way to work on some of the ten­sed musc­les in the body. We always make sure to adapt the tre­at­ment to your needs.

What can phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py help you with?

Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py has proven to help peop­le to get rid of many dif­fe­rent pain sta­tes. Regar­ding of your situ­a­tion the phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist will help you to make a plan on what to do to get pain free. Here are listet a few of the con­di­tions, we can help you with:

Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist or masseuse?

Should you choo­se a phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist or a mas­seu­se for your tre­at­ment? We get this question qui­te a lot. Even though we offer both phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py and mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen we always reco­mend choo­sing a phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist to do your tre­at­ment. Our rea­son for that is that a phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist has a lon­ger educa­tion in both phy­si­o­lo­gy and anatomy.

Want to get in touch?

Take the first steps towards less pain by wri­ting to us with your pro­blem. When you have fil­led and sent the con­ta­ct for­mu­lar, you can expect to hear from us wit­hin 24 hours.