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Need a physiotherapist in Copenhagen?

Do you have pain? Get the help you need today!

  • Specialized physiotherapists in Copenhagen
  • We also offer massage therapy
  • Open every day of the week!

Do you need a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapist in Copenhagen

If you ever need a physiotherapist in Copenhagen, you have come to the right place! Our small and humble clinic in the big center of Copenhagen offers high quality physiotherapy by our two physiotherapists, Laura and Thomas. If you want a physiotherapist in Copenhagen that value hard work and set high standards every day, you have come to the right place!

physiotherapist massage copenhagen

Massage in Copenhagen

Besides high quality physiotherapy we also offer massage in Copenhagen. With a great massage in Copenhagen you are likely to get rid of all of the tensions that has build up in the body from a hard week of work. We offer great massage in Copenhagen with a duration of either 30, 60 or 90 min. performed by a highly educated and good physiotherapist six days a week!

Physiotherapist or masseuse?

Should you choose a physiotherapist or a masseuse for your treatment? We get this question quite a lot. As a clinic in Copenhagen we recomend choosing a physiotherapist to do your treatment. Our reason for that is that a physiotherapist has a much longer education and hereby has valuable knowledge in regards to physiology and anatomy.

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Who We Are

Smertefys is a physiotherapist clinic in the heart of inner Copenhagen that specializes in pain science and also chronic pain. Since the start of our clinic we have treated many people suffering from different pain states such as headaches, low back pain, sports injuries and herniated discs.

Our approach is evidence based and is all the time up to date with the newest science on the field. As a physiotherapist clinic we offer both physiotherapy, massage therapy and several other services.

How to get physiotherapy or massage:

If you decide that you want either physiotherapy or massage therapy at our clinic, follow these steps:

  • 2. Select the service, practitioner and date you wish (unfortunately it is only in Danish)

  • 3. Fill in your info and hit confirm. Easy!

Alternatively, you can call us at +45 60739010 (service not available in the weekends).

Our pricing – Physiotherapy in Copenhagen

Below we have listed our pricing for high-quality physiotherapy in Copenhagen:

1. treatment

  • 60 minutes physiotherapy

1. treatment (short)

  • 30 minutes physiotherapy

Normal treatment

  • 45 minutes physiotherapy

Normal treat. (short)

  • 30 minutes physiotherapy

Our pricing – massage in Copenhagen

Below we have listed our pricing for high-quality massage in Copenhagen:

Massage (90 min)

  • 90 min (massage)

Massage (60 min)

  • 60 min (massage)

Massage (30 min)

  • 30 min (massage)

FAQ – frequently asked questions regarding our physioterapy:

What is a physiotherapist in Copenhagen?

A physiotherapist is a certified health practitioner with more than 3,5 years of education in anatomy and physiology.

What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a masseuse?

Even though a physiotherapist and a masseuse often seems the same they are not. Physiotherapy can include both injury prevention, massage therapy and exercise therapy.

Should I choose a masseuse or physiotherapist in Copenhagen?

This can be hard to answer since it differs from person to person. We definitely recommend calling us upon consultation on +45 60739010 if you are in any doubt.

Do you all speak English in the clinic?

Yes, we all speak fluently English in the clinic

Want to get in touch?

Take the first steps towards less pain by writing to us with your problem. When you have filled and sent the contact formular, you can expect to hear from us within 24 hours.

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