Mas­sa­ge in Copenhagen

Do you need mas­sa­ge the­ra­py in Copenhagen?

Try the best mas­sa­ge in the heart of Cph at Øster­bro!

The best mas­sa­ge in Copenhagen

We offer high qua­li­ty mas­sa­ge the­ra­py in our beau­ti­ful cli­nic in Copen­ha­gen at Øster­bro. With the best mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen you can get rid of the ten­sions wit­hin in your body.

Three rea­sons to choo­se us:

High Qua­li­ty Massage

All our staff mem­bers are eit­her phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pists in Copen­ha­gen or phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py stu­dents. This means that we are able to offer you the high qua­li­ty mas­sa­ge ser­vi­ce that you deser­ve per­for­med by the­ra­pists with high educa­tio­nal level.

Which areas do we treat?

In gene­rel we tre­at musc­les in almost eve­ry area of the body. Howe­ver, the­re are some areas we are more spe­ci­fied in. We have listed the­se beneath:

We also offer preg­nan­cy massage

Pregnancy massage at Østerbro in Copenhagen

I got an excel­lent preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge at Smer­te­fys in Cph and i left with the best fee­ling — it hel­ped with my pain!

Julie M.

Which con­di­tions can be treated?

Most peop­le that come to us for tre­at­ment are peop­le with some kind of issu­es they need help with. We have listed a few of the­se con­di­tions here:

Our Cli­nic

beautiful clinic at Østerbro in Copenhagen for both massage and physiotherapy

Our cli­nic at Østerbro

Our love­ly cli­nic at Øster­bro ope­ned on the 1st of March 2021 and has a small trai­ning room. Here we offer seve­ral mas­sa­ge ser­vi­ces and also phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py in Copenhagen.

What our cli­ents say

I had a fan­ta­stic expe­ri­en­ce with Tho­mas as my the­ra­pist! After one tre­at­ment I saw a mas­si­ve improve­ment with the pain in my shoulder.

Mik­kel G.

Cozy and welco­m­ing atmosp­he­re in the cli­nic! I got a good tre­at­ment from Tho­mas to help me get my neck and low back pain away.

Bir­t­he N.

A real­ly effecti­ve tre­at­ment! It is very easy and uncom­pli­ca­ted to book an appo­int­ment and to visit the cli­nic. I hig­hly recommend!

Tine K.

Our pri­cing

Here we have listed our pri­cing for mas­sa­ge the­ra­py at Øster­bro i Cph. You can also save a lot of money with our mas­sa­ge deals:

Prices for massage in Copenhagen
Prices for massage in Copenhagen
Prices for massage in Copenhagen

Mas­sa­ge deals

Need more than one tre­at­ment? Why not save money with our mas­sa­ge deals!

pricing for massage packages
pricing for massage packages
pricing for massage deals at Smertefys
pricing for massage packages

How to book a massage

drawing of a computer

Book Onli­ne or Call Us

The book an appo­int­ment you go through our Onli­ne Book­ing. You can also call os on +4560739010

letter or mail

Read our Confirmation

After making a book­ing, you will recei­ve an email with info such as the address and stuff to remember.

massage perfomed by a physiotherapist

Enjoy the Massage

Final­ly you can enjoy the high qua­li­ty mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen. If you have any questions plea­se call us.

Which types of mas­sa­ge do we offer?

The­re are many types of mas­sa­ge ser­vi­ces that wor­ks well on dif­fe­rent con­di­tions. Here we have listed the most com­mon we use in the clinic:

facial massage

Deep tis­sue massage


Wel­l­ness massage

neck massage

Trig­ger point massage

Physiotherapist giving massage in Copenhagen

Deep tis­sue massage

Deep tis­sue mas­sa­ge is a type of mas­sa­ge that wor­ks with some of the dee­per lay­ers of tis­sue in your body. This means that our the­ra­pist is able to work some of the more pro­fund struc­tu­res that can feel ten­sed. Deep tis­sue mas­sa­ge is espe­ci­al­ly rele­vant for the musc­les in the lower body.

Physiotherapist giving massage at Østerbro

Wel­l­ness massage

Wel­l­ness mas­sa­ge is a form of mas­sa­ge whe­re the goal is to get you in a relaxed sta­te. With wel­l­ness mas­sa­ge, the focus is to get you to lower your stress level. The tem­po is slo­wer in a wel­l­ness mas­sa­ge in con­trary to deep tis­sue mas­sa­ge. With a slo­wer tem­po your body gets to focus on pure relaxing.

Physiotherapist at Smertefys giving massage

Trig­ger point massage

If you want a type of mas­sa­ge with high tem­po you would want to get a trig­ger point mas­sa­ge. Even though the term “trig­ger point” is a bit deba­ted, it is loo­k­ed at as small spots on your body that feels very sore. The the­a­pist is focu­sing on wor­king with the­se spots in a trig­ger point massage.

Mas­sa­ge at home

Gre­at news! We offer our high qua­li­ty mas­sa­ge in your home also. This means that we will come to your home, if you are not able to come to the cli­nic. To get home mas­sa­ge, you need to live in Cph wit­hin 6 km of the cli­nic (check here).

Noti­ce: If you choo­se our the­ra­pist Tho­mas Søgaard Vain, then we will bring a trans­portab­le couch with him for you to lie on.

Physiotherapist offering pregnancy massage at your home
beautiful clinic at Østerbro in Copenhagen for both massage and physiotherapy

Open Mon­day — Saturday

Ope­ning hours

At Smer­te­fys we offer high qua­li­ty tre­at­ment eve­ry day except Sun­days. This means that the­re will always be at least one phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist avai­lab­le from Mon­day to Friday.

On Satur­days it is our love­ly phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pist stu­dents, who will offer tre­at­ment at our cli­nic from 10–15.

beautiful clinic at Østerbro in Copenhagen for both massage and physiotherapy

Open Mon­day — Saturday

Want a gift card for massage?

If you like mas­sa­ge and you know someo­ne who also do, then you can now give him or her the per­fect gift for a spe­ci­al occa­sion! Right now we offer gift cards with an amo­unt of own choise to a per­son you care about. The per­son can then use the gift card for any of our tre­at­ments that also inclu­des massage.

FAQ — Frequent­ly Asked Questions

Wri­te to us

Take a first step towards less pain by wri­ting to us with your pro­blem. Wit­hin 24 hours we will eit­her answer your mail or call you one the pho­ne, so that you can get the help you deserve!