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Massage in Copenhagen

With a gre­at mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen you can get rid of the ten­sions wit­hin in your body. We offer high qua­li­ty mas­sa­ge in our beau­ti­ful cli­nic in Copen­ha­gen at Øster­bro.

Three rea­sons to choo­se us:

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High Qua­li­ty Massage

All our staff mem­bers are eit­her phy­si­o­t­he­ra­pists in Copen­ha­gen or phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py stu­dents. This means that we are able to offer you a high qua­li­ty mas­sa­ge tre­at­ment that you deser­ve per­for­med by the­ra­pists with high educa­tio­nal level.

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Our Clinic

beautiful clinic at Østerbro in Copenhagen for both massage and physiotherapy

Our cli­nic at Østerbro

Our love­ly cli­nic at Øster­bro ope­ned on the 1st of March 2021 and has a small trai­ning room with gear. Here we offer both mas­sa­ge and phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py in Copenhagen.

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Meet our therapists!

Here can you see all of our the­ra­pists in the clinic:

Thomas Søgaard Vain is a physiotherapist doing massage in Copenhagen at Smertefys at Østerbro

Tho­mas Søgaard Vain


Caroline Andreasen is a physiotherapist doing massage in Copenhagen at Smertefys at Østerbro

Caro­li­ne Andreasen


Julie Niekrenz works as a physiotherapist doing physiotherapy and massage at Smertefys in Copenhagen

Julie Nie­krenz


Mads Stubberup er ny fysioterapeut hos Smertefys i København på Østerbro.

Mads Stub­be­rup


Martine Andersen er fysioterapeut studerende hos Smertefys på Østerbro i København

Mar­ti­ne Andersen

Phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py student

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What our clients say

I had a fan­ta­stic expe­ri­en­ce with Tho­mas as my the­ra­pist! After one tre­at­ment I saw a mas­si­ve improve­ment with the pain in my shoulder.

Fysioterapeut Caroline Andreasen fra Smertefys igang med træning på Østerbro i København

Mik­kel G.

Cozy and welco­m­ing atmosp­he­re in the cli­nic! I got a good tre­at­ment from Tho­mas to help me get my neck and low back pain away.

physiotherapist in Copenhagen from Smertefys helping a person in pain

Bir­t­he N.

A real­ly effecti­ve tre­at­ment! It is very easy and uncom­pli­ca­ted to book an appo­int­ment and to visit the cli­nic. I hig­hly recommend!

Caroline Andreasen fra Smertefys der giver fysioterapi på Østerbro i København

Tine K.

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Prices for massage in Copenhagen

Here we have listed our pri­cing for mas­sa­ge at Øster­bro. You can also save a lot of money when buying a mas­sa­ge pack­a­ge:

Massage (30 min)

  • 30 min (massage)

Massage (60 min)

  • 60 min (massage)

Massage (90 min)

  • 90 min (massage)

How to book a massage

drawing of a computer

Book Online or Call Us

The book an appo­int­ment you go through our Onli­ne Book­ing. You can also call os on +4560739010

letter or mail

Read our Confirmation

After making a book­ing, you will recei­ve an email with info such as the address and stuff to remember.

massage perfomed by a physiotherapist

Enjoy the Massage

Final­ly you can enjoy the high qua­li­ty mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen. If you have any questions plea­se call us.

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We also offer preg­nan­cy massage

One type of mas­sa­ge we offer is preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen for preg­nant women. This type of mas­sa­ge is desig­ned get your growing body to relax.

Being preg­nant often leads to sore­ness in the body which preg­nan­cy mas­sa­ge can help relie­ving. The mas­sa­ge is pri­ma­rily focu­sed on the low back, neck and pelvis.

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Physiotherapist giving massage in Copenhagen at Østerbro

How can massage in Copenhagen help you?

Eve­ry day a lot of peop­le suf­fers from pain issu­es in their body which affects qua­li­ty of life. With mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen you can get the help you need with any issue in your body. We have listed a few of them beneath:

Where in Copenhagen is the clinic located?

Our cli­nic on which we offer both phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py and mas­sa­ge in Copen­ha­gen lies in the heart of Øster­bro. Luck­ily we lie clo­se to both Metro, bus­ses and trains so if you feel like arri­ving by public trans­porta­tion, it will be no pro­blem. Otherwi­se it is also pos­sib­le to get here by bicycle.

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beautiful clinic at Østerbro in Copenhagen for both massage and physiotherapy

Why should you choo­se us?

First of all we can gua­ran­tee you some of the best qua­li­ty you can find in Copen­ha­gen in regards to mas­sa­ge. Second of all our pri­ces are good and very stu­dents fri­end­ly. Final­ly we allways offer cle­an rooms with many faci­li­ties on the cli­nic. If you are still in doubt, you can read all of the testi­mo­ni­als from our hap­py cli­ents.

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helping massage in Copenhagen by a physiotherapist at Østerbro

Massage packages

Need more than one tre­at­ment? Why not save money with our mas­sa­ge packages!

Package 1

  • 3 x 60 min.
  • Total disco­unt: 150kr

Package 2

  • 5 x 60 min.
  • Total disco­unt: 325kr

Package 3

  • 3 x 30 min.
  • Total disco­unt: 50kr

Package 4

  • 5 x 30 min.
  • Total disco­unt: 150kr

Weekend massage in Copenhagen?

One of the fea­tu­res that our cli­ents asks us about is whet­her we offer the tre­at­ments in wee­kends. And yes, we are open in the cli­nic eve­ry Satur­day from 10am until 3pm. In the wee­kends, our phy­si­o­t­he­ra­py stu­dent Mar­ti­ne does the massage!

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Physiotherapist giving massage in Copenhagen at Østerbro

Want a gift card for massage?

If you like mas­sa­ge and you know someo­ne who also do, then you can now give him or her the per­fect gift for a spe­ci­al occa­sion! Right now we offer gift cards with an amo­unt of own choise to a per­son you care about. The per­son can then use the gift card for any of our tre­at­ments that also inclu­des massage.

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Write to us

Take a first step towards less pain by writing to us with your problem. Within 24 hours we will either answer your mail or call you one the phone, so that you can get the help you deserve!